Slenderverse list
Suggested links, blogs, and vlogs

These are the typical blogs, vlogs, and links that any Slender Man fan, new or interested in checking something else out, should prob’ly end up checking out :3

I’ll add more things to this list, but for now, it’ll just be bigger blogs/vlogs and certain links to help with the knowledge of Slenders.

Just to note, most of the suggestion are not in any order or bias. I’m just tossing them up when I think of a good series that is popular.

The start of Slenders and some informative links
Slender Man’s “birth” on the Something Awful forums
Know Your Meme; Slender Man
Slender Man TV Tropes
Slender Man Mythos Facebook page
Slenderbloggins blog
Slender Man mythos site
Fear Mythos TV Tropes

Forums to help feed your addiction
General Slender Man subforum on Unfiction
Marble Hornets subforum on Unfiction
Slender Nation Slender Man forums
Slendertier forums
Realityboard Slender Man forums
Facepunch Slenderverse thread (There’s a new one, I have to hunt it down)
Fear Mythos forums

Movies and books:
Hylo movie
Slender Man film site
Windigo movie site | Widigo on Youtube
* He Sees Me book

Youtube playlists: (This are for the people who wanna watch every video in the ‘Verse in order of when they were released chronologically, not by series)
Playlist 1
Playlist 2
Playlist 3
Playlist 4
Playlist 5
Playlist 6
Playlist 7
Playlist 8
Playlist 9
Playlist 10
Playlist 11
Playlist 12
Playlist 13
Playlist 14
Playlist 15
Playlist 16

Blogs to start you out with:
Hiking Fiend | Hiking Deer
Photo Fugitive
Wheels Within Wheels
Mr. Collector
The Faceless
Silver Selenide
Afraid At Home
Lake Reflections
Just Another Fool
Trembling Dice
Now I Shall Know You Again and Now I Shall Know You… Again
A Really Bad Joke
Breeze in Monochrome NIGHT
Cut! (if you subscribe to it, you can read it via Google Reader and that’s the only way to read the blog)
Dreams in Darkness, Watch This City Burn, Deja Vu Dreamer and, Mailorderman
Don’t Shoot the Messenger
Nowhere, No One, Nothing
Bright Conundrum
A Hint of Serendipity
No Pressure = No Diamonds
Eccentrically Bored andHidden in the Trees
Make it Count
Musical Occurrences
Watch the City Burn and Watch This City Burn

Vlogs to start you out with
Marble Hornets and To The Ark (Playlist)
EverymanHYBRID and Wicked Sticky Alex | Tumblr: Can You See The Words
Tribe Twelve
The Andersen Journals
TJ and Amy Film Projects, Find the Room, and Making New Memories
Dark Harvest and Kind Von Der Ritter
compileTRUTH and Fearful Benefactor
Caught Not Sleeping
The Angel’s Game, Razveeg, UnwillingWatcher, and APCollection/A Pretentious Collection
My Dark Journal and The Bone Creek Story
One Bad Dream
004 Steps
Octarine Night | Tumblr: Octarine Night
Osiris Chronicles
The Tulpa Effect
Silver Selenide
The Dead Are Watching
Afraid At Home
The Undecided Five | Tumblrs: The Undecided First, The Undecided Second, The Undecided Third, The Undecided Fourth, The Undecided Fifth
Coyote Is Awesome
A Kool Stick
Dark Butterflies | Tumblr: Dark Butterflies
Clover In Chicago

Slenderverse Wiki
General Slender Man Wiki
Everyman HYBRID Wiki
Marble Hornets Wiki
Seeking Truth Wiki
The Angel’s Game Wiki
Caught Not Sleeping Wiki
Tribe Twelve Wiki
TJ and Amy Film Projects wiki
Slender Man on the Creepy Pasta Wiki
Fear Mythos wiki
Parody Slendervlog Wiki

News articles and such:
Slender Man/Marble Hornets article in Post Gazette
Marble Hornets article on The Sheaf
Slender Man article in the Star Tribune
ARGNet article that mentions Marble Hornets
Warrior Times Weekly high school article about Slender Man
Slender Man article on Cracked

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