Slenderverse list

Here’s what I can gather about who’s a proxy

I know that this is rough, but I’ll fix it after class. There are more proxies I need to add to it anyway.

Afraid Home - Boxhead course video current over.

APC- The creature is bad guy, Faceless evil person killed Josh girlfriend, Collector, and we have no clue on Rotters plus Dweller.
Josh could explain proxy not proxy.

Black Elephant in My Kitchen - Blimpus are bad not proxy there.

Caught Not Sleeping - No clue if Rovias or Helper parts and st killer.

Clover in Chicago - Odd girl and boys servants.

Coyote - Coyote is Proxy.

Dark Harvest - Cultist of Slenderman and Fat Slenderman. Detective Amsel.

Everyman Hybrid - Rake, Slenderman, and Habit (bad Habit).

Fear my Tie - Bowtie proxy.

Future Refused - Girl in all black clothes.

Hiscollector - Phase Two APC check there.

Limestone Hornets - So cats and the dogs its too big to detail there.

Marble Hornets - Masky and Hoody the Alex current mystery for logic. Possibly Sinclair/Blasky.

MLA - Patrick character under Slenderman control story chosen.

My Dark Journal - Victor, Oracle, Daughter, plus the Plague Doctors goal to find Kempest likes kidding.

Octarine Nights - There is proxy in masks not much lists.

One Bads Dream - The Messenger possible Zalgo proxy.
Rob could say proxy or prehaps not.

One Hundred Yard Stare - The Gas Masked Character reveiled.

Osiris Project - Chess pieces and Slenderman.

SAPH- Female in Zodiac Masking There.

Save - Akoolstick please clear up some things. Pain is proxy, Robot Proxy, plus the Save guy, and course Slenderman coming.
Shaun Torrence - There is proxy.

StanFredrickBTS - WeMustCollect mystery figure.

TAPro - Seed eaters and Sight lists over.

The Abbey Diaries - Figure Spying.

The Deads are Watching - Possible Jackal.

The Monkey House - Lists the girl in the house.

TribeTwelve - The Collective. Bushes. Keeper.

Undecided Five - The Giggles possible the Slenderman lists proxy likes. The rest Fears coming.

X Mandlebrot - The Voice silver masked people.

‘The Messenger’ from One Bad Dream

CloverinChicago, the closest to a proxy would be Clara/Mouse (possible)

Octarine Night - TFE

Boxhead/Kyle1 from afraidathome