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Hi, I’m dial0fortheoperator, but I’m using my main blog which is an ask-RP-blog. Do you suppose you could add my vlog to the list? It’s called WalkingWithGiants87 and it’s completed. It’s located in the above link and I would love to get the word out about it a bit more.

Ok i will add it to the List!



hello, i´m T. and i´m now helping Chase too! :3

so if you have a blog/Vlog that you wanna add to the list, just send us a message (ask, submit and so on :P) and we will add it as fast as possible!


Do you still update these lists?

Sporadically, if there’s something you’d like us to change, just send an ask!

is the revolver map for slenderman sightings or is it people viewing this site

Oh, it’s just for the amount of hits the page has gotten. Alas, I am not creative enough to go ahead and make a map of “Slender Man sightings” and if I were, it would just strictly stick to in game sightings from the vlogs and blogs :p

- Chase

Can you add my blog to the wordpress list? It's whimsicalparanoia(.)wordpress(.)com

Done! It’s here if anyone’s interested.

Shea here!

I’d just like to let you all know that I am starting a podcast about online horror, and it’s premiering on friday! I’d really like it if you went and checked it out, we have a promo up on our page here. That’s!

can you add eyesoftheuniquechild also? ._.

Done! Looks intriguing!

Link’s here if anyone’s interested.


The Removed Ones

Here lies the series that have been removed from their various masterlists for various reasons. If you want something back on the main list just message us.

Under heavy construction!

123…gnitseT (alt. gniklaWnaMdaB)
4 Tapes
Aidan And Brandon Show


‘Tis I, Chase, here to tell you that there’s new help here! I’ve got someone here to help me out with the list because I neglect it so :c

So, if you see a new name pop up here and there, don’t fret, ‘tis just our new admin :3

- Chase

I see I’ve been introduced! I’m your helpful new admin, Shea! Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Can you add my new slenderblog to the mix as well? It's theeighthfire.

Yea, not a problem :3 I’m going to presume that it’s a Tumblr blog and if it’s not, lemme know :p

Link’s right here, so check it out :3